• With the "NITROLORD" in his costume and JET DRAGSTER (rocket engine / jet turbine with 20,000 hp and 20 meter / 66 feet long fire-tail) a real Thrill-Hero of Thunder, Speed and Destruction becomes real.


  • Its unique acceleration shows, the infernal thunder of 20,000 hp, the incredible turbine sound in high speeds and with a top speed of over 500 km/h on the track it leaves a lasting impression for all the senses.


  • Moreover the NITROLORD destroys and melts down opponents on the track with its spectacular real fire-tail engine.


  • The NITROLORD is the spectacular star of all Racing- and Motor-Events. He can also beat a starting Jet-Fighter within a breathtaking run on airfield shows.


  • Its Transport Truck contains an immense 60.000 Watt sound and light-show-equipment as well as a fogger. Dancing Grid-Girls round off the show.


  • The spectacular show can be executed within short preparation. Even static shows can be performed for opening events and fairs if there is no track or airfield for a speed acceleration show. Therefore the Jet-Dragster will be chained with huge chains and can burn down cars within a wild and horrifying dance on asphalt and fire.


  • A show takes about 15 to 20 minutes and will be an unforgettable and ultimate highlight for all events. 

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