Malta H2 Competence Center



Benefits for Malta
  1. The first nation in the world (and in the EU), to become climate-neutral well before the year 2050.

  2. Strong green positive future high-tech image.

  3. Malta shows the world, that hydrogen is the fuel of the future.

  4. Realization of really climate-friendly projects.

  5. Innovation leader in special part of hydrogen technology, proven by the most powerful and fastest hydrogen car in the world.

  6. Creation of sustainable high-tech jobs.

  7. Cooperation with world-renowned technology companies.

  8. Top-class scientific cooperation with competent partners.

  9. A big business chance area for innovative Maltese companies.

  10. To accelerate the development of a global hydrogen business in the front line.

  11. This makes Malta one of the pioneers for the green hydrogen economy.

  12. Green hydrogen offers great opportunities for Malta as an international pioneer in the development, production and export of high-tech hydrogen and Power-to-X Technologies.